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Conference abstract2022

Effects of forest loss on lemur density in the Kianjavato forest fragments, Southeast Madagascar

Narvaez-Torres, Pamela R.; Guthrie, Nicola K.; Brichieri-Colombi, Typhenn A.; Razafindravelo, Cressant P.; Jacobson, Zachary S.; Tera, Fredo; Rafidimanana, Daniel; Andrianantenaina, Harisoa M.; Rahasivelo, Elinah Z.; Petersen, Melody A.; Ramangason, Hasinala; Randall, Lea; Mcpherson, Jana M.; Moehrenschlager, Axel; Holmes, Sheila M.; Louis, Edward E.; Johnson, Steig E.

Published in

American Journal of Biological Anthropology
2022, Volume: 177, number: S73, pages: 132-132
Publisher: WILEY


91st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists, March 23 - April 1, 2022, Denver, Colorado, USA