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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Electrical resistance characteristics of thermally modified wood

van Blokland, Joran; Adamopoulos, Stergios


This paper presents electrical resistance characteristics of ThermoWood (R) Thermo-D Norway spruce for wood moisture content measurements below fibre saturation point. Electrical resistance along the grain of small clear wood specimens was measured at various moisture content levels of similar to 4-15% for thermally modified and similar to 5-25% for unmodified spruce. The results show that-similar to unmodified wood-the relationship between wood moisture content and electrical resistance can be well described by a first order polynomial function obtained from simple linear regression. This provides accurate resistance-based predictions of thermally modified wood moisture content. In addition, established temperature corrections derived previously from unmodified wood seem applicable to thermally modified wood.

Published in

European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
2022, Volume: 80, number: 3, pages: 749-752 Publisher: SPRINGER