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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2018

Extended cleavage specificities of mast cell proteases 1 and 2 from golden hamster: Classical chymase and an elastolytic protease comparable to rat and mouse MCP-5

Thorpe, Michael; Fu, Zhirong; Albat, Emanuelle; Akula, Srinivas; de Garavilla, Lawrence; Kervinen, Jukka; Hellman, Lars


Serine proteases constitute the major protein content of mast cell secretory granules. Here we present the extended cleavage specificity of two such proteases from the golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. Analysis by phage display technique showed that one of them (HAM1) is a classical chymase with a specificity similar to the human mast cell chymase. However, in contrast to the human chymase, it does not seem to have a particular preference for any of the three aromatic amino acids, Phe, Tyr and Trp, in the P1 position of substrates. HAM1 also efficiently cleaved after Leu similarly to human and many other mast cell chymases. We observed only a 3-fold lower cleavage activity on Leu compared to substrates with P1 aromatic amino acids. Chymotryptic enzymes seem to be characteristic for connective tissue mast cells in mammalian species from opossums to humans, which indicates a very central role of these enzymes in mast cell biology. HAM1 also seems to have the strongest preference for negatively charged amino acids in the P2 position of all mast cell chymases so far characterized. The second hamster chymase, HAM2, is an elastolytic in its activity, similarly to the alpha-chymases in rats and mice (rMCP-5 and mMCP-5, respectively). The presence of an alpha-chymase that developed elastase activity thereby seems to be a relatively early modification of the alpha-chymase within the rodent branch of the mammalian evolutionary tree.

Published in

2018, volume: 13, number: 12, article number: e0207826

Authors' information

Thorpe, Michael
Uppsala University
Fu, Zhirong
Uppsala University
Albat, Emanuelle
Uppsala University
Uppsala University
de Garavilla, Lawrence
GDL Pharmaceut Consulting and Contracting
Kervinen, Jukka
Tosoh Biosci LLC
Hellman, Lars
Uppsala University

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Cell and Molecular Biology

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