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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Large-scale assessment of artificially coated seeds for forest regeneration across Sweden

Domevscik, Matej; Haggstrom, Bodil; Lim, Hyungwoo; Ohlund, Jonas; Nordin, Annika


We report the results of two years' field performance of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) seedlings regenerated using artificially coated seeds. The coated seeds were used for regeneration on 12 clearcut sites, covering a 1000 km latitudinal gradient across Sweden. The coating was either combined with arginine-phosphate fertilizer (10 mg N per seed) or had no additions. Interactions with environmental variables associated with sites were also assessed. Coated seeds were deployed in May-June 2017 and surveyed in August-September of 2018 and 2019. After two years, the mean establishment rate of seedlings from coated seeds was 56 +/- 4% across the 12 sites. The fertilizer addition did not affect survival, and the biomass response to fertilizer varied significantly between sites. Maximum precipitation and wind speed during the first six weeks after deployment were correlated with seedling survival, regardless of fertilization treatment. Establishment increased with increasing precipitation and decreased with increasing wind speed. This highlights the importance of initial weather conditions for the seeds' establishment. Our data suggest that Scots pine regeneration using coated seeds can be practiced in boreal forests, but also that the method is sensitive to the weather conditions at the time of deployment of the seeds.


Scots pine; Coated seeds; Forest regeneration; Seeding; SeedPAD; Boreal forest

Published in

New Forests
2023, Volume: 54, number: 2, pages: 255-267
Publisher: SPRINGER