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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Industrial End-Users' Preferred Characteristics for Wood Biomass Feedstocks

Kons, Kalvis; Blagojevic, Bosko; Mola-Yudego, Blas; Prinz, Robert; Routa, Johanna; Kulisic, Biljana; Gagnon, Bruno; Bergstrom, Dan


The use of sustainably sourced biomass is an important tool for mitigating the effects of climate change; but biomass is far from being a homogeneous resource. The aim of this study was to examine the decision-making process of industrial end-users considering biomass procurement. An online, two-part survey generated responses from 27 experienced professionals, representing a portfolio of facilities varying in size, technology, and biomass types, across Australia, Canada, Finland, and Sweden. A PAPRIKA conjoint analysis approach was used to analyze the data so that the attributes that influenced procurement decisions could be weighted and ranked. The results provided an insight into end-users' views on factors including facility location, size, and biomass storage, handling, and procurement for different wood-based industrial services. The most important decision-making attribute appeared to be the type of biomass assortment, at individual, national, and aggregated levels. Of seven sub-categories of biomass assortments, sawdust (35%) was the most preferred type followed by stem wood chips (20%) and energy wood (15%). We concluded that, from the end-user's perspective, a pre-defined biomass assortment is the most important factor when deciding on feedstock procurement at a bioenergy facility. These results help us better understand end-users' perceptions of biomass properties in relation to their conversion processes and supply preferences and can inform product development and the securement of new niches in alternative business environments by existing and future biohubs.


biohubs; expert analysis; conjoint analysis; PAPRIKA method; bioenergy

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2022, Volume: 15, number: 10, article number: 3721
Publisher: MDPI

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