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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

Evaluation of the efficacy of polymeric antigen BLSOmp31 formulated in a new cage-like particle adjuvant (ISPA) administered by parenteral or mucosal routes against Brucella ovis in BALB/c mice

Celeste Moran, Maria; Paula Dominguez, Maria; Bence, Angel Ricardo; Gaston Rodriguez, Marcelo; Alberto Goldbaum, Fernando; Zylberman, Vanesa; Romina Paola, Pardo; Lupi, Giuliana; Sergio Marcipar, Ivan; Maria Lutzelschwab, Claudia; Marcela Estein, Silvia


Brucella ovis is an economically important cause of epididymitis in rams worldwide. Polymeric BLSOmp31 was previously identified as a protective immunogen against this pathogen. In this study, BLSOmp31 was formulated with a modified version of ISCOMATRIX adjuvant called ISPA (BLSOmp31/ISPA) and was administered in BALB/C by the subcutaneous and ocular route. The systemic and mucosal immune responses, the opsonic activity of antibodies and the protection conferred against B. ovis were evaluated. BLSOmp31+ISPA injected subcutaneously or by ocular route induced significantly higher IgG antibody levels with a mixed Th1/Th2 profile compared to non-immunized mice. IgA and IgG were detected in sera and nasal, tracheobronchial, vaginal secretions, tears and faeces, from SC immunized mice while in the group immunized by the ocular route a slight increase in both isotypes was mainly observed in all secretions, except in vaginal fluid. Opsonic antibodies stimulated binding and increased uptake of PHrodo (TM) Green-labelled B. ovis by neutrophils and monocytes. BLSOmp31 administered subcutaneously induced the highest levels of IFN-gamma. The ocular immunization not only produced significant levels of this cytokine but also IL-4 compared to non-immunized mice. Both, subcutaneous and ocular routes of immunization, significantly protected against B. ovis infection. These results indicate that BLSOmp31/ISPA administered parenterally or by ocular route is a safe and effective vaccine against B. ovis in the murine model.


BLSOmp31; ISPA; Opsonic antibodies; Brucella ovis; Protection; Mice

Published in

Research in Veterinary Science
2022, volume: 145, pages: 29-39

Authors' information

Moran, María Celeste
National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA)
Dominguez, María Paula
National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA)
Ricardo Bence, Angel
National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA)
Rodriguez, Marcelo Gastón
National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA)
Goldbaum, Fernando Alberto
Inmunova SA
Zylberman, Vanesa
Inmunova SA
Romina Paola, Pardo
Inmunova SA
Lupi, Giuliana
National University of the Littoral
Sergio Marcipar, Ivan
National University of the Littoral
Estein, Silvia Marcela
National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA)

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