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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Sustainable smart park management - a smarter approach to urban green space management?

Deak Sjöman, Johanna; Kristoffersson, Anders; Mercado, Geovana; Randrup, Thomas


In parallel with ongoing discussions on what the concept of a smart city actually entails, use of smart technology in management and governance of urban green space is increasing. Application of smart technologies usually involves multiple sensors, smartphones, internet connections, etc., working together to make green space management more inclusive and effective. In the Sustainable Smart Parks project in Gothenburg, Sweden, new technologies are being applied and tested for availability, reliance, and relevance for contemporary management. However, moving these technologies beyond ad-hoc applications and creating a joint systems approach to future management is still unexplored. In this article, we introduce an analytical framework based on urban ecology and nature-based thinking and use it to examine the Sustainable Smart Parks initiative. The framework works well in distinguishing integration of diversity, connectivity, adaptation, inclusion, and perception in different technologies. However, further studies are needed to test adequacy of the 5 initial criteria in a wider context and to increase coupling of smart technologies that share similar focus within each criterion. This would stimulate “systems mapping” and thus clearer progression toward integrated smart green space management.


Governance; Green Infrastructure; ICTs; Nature-Based Thinking; Smart City; Urban Ecology; Urban Forest; Urban Green Space; Urban Trees

Published in

Arboriculture and urban forestry
2022, Volume: 48, number: 2, pages: 60-73