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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

In the wake of the ironworks - entrepreneurship and the spatial connections to empowerment and emancipation

Roos, Annie; Gaddefors, Johan


In this article, we explore connections between entrepreneurship, gender, empowerment and emancipation. Through the lens of entrepreneurship, we investigate the spatial aspects of these interlinked processes and illustrate emancipation through oppressive gender structures. This spatial lens allows us to see how emancipation changes in practice over time, with empowerment being one of these practices. Through ethnographic longitudinal fieldwork that studies an ironworks turned into a tourist garden, we highlight the collective reproduction of established oppressive structures. Our findings prioritise a spatial understanding of how entrepreneurship connects to empowerment and emancipation.


emancipation; empowerment; entrepreneurship; ethnography; gender

Published in

The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2024, Volume: 25, number: 1, pages: 21-31

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