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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Subclinical endometritis differentially affects the transcriptomic profiles of endometrial glandular, luminal, and stromal cells of postpartum dairy cows

Perelra, Goncalo; Guo, Yongzhi; Silva, Elisabete; Silva, Marta Filipa; Bevilacqua, Claudia; Charpigny, Gilles; Lopes-da-Costa, Luis; Humblot, Patrice


In postpartum dairy cows, subclinical endometritis flammation, which has profound detrimental effects on subsequent reproductive performance. To date, transcriptomic studies related to this condition were either based on biopsy-derived whole-endometrium tissue or endometrial swab or cytobrush samples, thus masking effects of disease on cell type-specific gene expression. This study tested the hypothesis that different endometrial health statuses are associated with distinct transcription profiles of endometrial stromal, glandular, and luminal epithelial cells. At 44 d postpartum (DPP), endometrial biopsies were taken from dairy or affected by persistent SCE, according to endometrial cytology taken at 21 and 44 DPP. Stromal, glandular, and luminal epithelial cells were isolated from the whole-tissue biopsy by laser capture microdissection, and the cell-specific transcription profiles were determined by RNA sequencing. Differential gene expression demonstrated that global transcriptomic profiles and corresponding lists of differentially expressed genes beamong cell types. Results also showed that although healthy and recovered cows presented similar endoprior presence of immune cells still affected the transcriptome of endometrial cells at this stage, delaying complete functional recovery. Recovery or persistence of inflammation was associated with gene expression patterns involved not only in immune function but also in tissue remodeling, cell adhesion, and uterine recep-tivity in a cell type-specific manner. Identifying these signatures may contribute to the development of novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. In addition, these results may help to define preventive measures or ways to stimulate recovery from endometrial inflamma-tion, thus helping to restore the fertility of postpartum dairy cows.


endometrium; subclinical endometritis; laser capture microdissection; transcriptome

Published in

Journal of Dairy Science
2022, Volume: 105, number: 7, pages: 6125-6143 Publisher: ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC