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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Synthesis, Structure and Thermal Properties of Volatile Indium and Gallium Triazenides

Samii, Rouzbeh; Buttera, Sydney C.; Kessler, Vadim; O'Brien, Nathan J.


Indium and gallium nitride are important semi-conductor materials with desirable properties for high-frequency and power electronics. We have previously demonstrated high-quality ALD grown InN and GaN using the hexacoordinated 1,3-diisopropyltriazenide In(III) and Ga(III) precursors. Herein we report the structural and thermal properties their analogues employing combinations of isopropyl, sec-butyl and tert-butyltriazenide alkyl groups on the exocyclic nitrogen of the triazenide ligand. The new triazenide compounds were all found to be volatile (80-120 degrees C, 0.5 mbar) and showed very good thermal stability (200 and 300 degrees C). These new triazenide analogues provide a set of precursors whose thermal properties are determined and can be accordingly tailored by strategic choice of exocyclic nitrogen alkyl substituents.


Gallium; Indium; Precursors; Triazenides; Volatile

Published in

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
2022, Volume: 2022, number: 24, article number: e202200161

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    Materials Chemistry

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