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Magazine article2022Open access

I don’t like interacting, but it’s necessary: a brief overview of factorial experiments in animal science

Detmann, Edenio


The factorial experiments are useful in animal science, as they allow us to evaluate how different causative factors affect directly the animal responses and, mostly important, how the factors can interfere with each other on that responses. The animal production is naturally an interactive process. Therefore, interactions must be an important aspect to be considered when we look at a better understanding of nutritional and metabolic aspects of animal production. In this overview, I present the most basic aspects of factorial experiments applied do animal science and some ways to avoid the most common mistakes that can be made when carrying out this kind of experiment.


animal experiments; experiment planning; experimental statistic

Published in

Revista Eletrônica Nutritime
2022, Volume: 19, number: 05, pages: 9143-9155