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Research article2019Peer reviewedOpen access

Sequence and expression analysis of HSP70 family genes in Artemia franciscana

Junprung, Wisarut; Norouzitallab, Parisa; De Vos, Stephanie; Tassanakajon, Anchalee; Dung Nguyen Viet; Van Stappen, Gilbert; Bossier, Peter


Thus far, only one gene from the heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) family has been identified in Artemia franciscana. Here, we used the draft Artemia transcriptome database to search for other genes in the HSP70 family. Four novel HSP70 genes were identified and designated heat shock cognate 70 (HSC70), heat shock 70 kDa cognate 5 (HSC70-5), lmmunoglobulin heavy-chain binding protein (BIP), and hypoxia up-regulated protein I (HYOUI). For each of these genes, we obtained nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences, and reconstructed a phylogenetic tree. Expression analysis revealed that in the juvenile state, the transcription of HSP70 and HSC70 was significantly (P < 0.05) higher in a population of A. franciscana selectively bred for increased induced thermotolerance (TF12) relative to a control population (CF12). Following non-lethal heat shock treatment at the nauplius stage, transcription of HSP70, HSC70, and HSC70-5 were significantly (P < 0.05) up-regulated in TF12. In contrast, transcription of the other HSP70 family members in A. franciscana (BIP, HYOU1, and HSPA4) showed no significant (P> 0.05) induction. Gene expression analysis demonstrated that not all members of the HSP70 family are involved in the response to heat stress and selection and that especially altered expression of HSC70 plays a role in a population selected for increased thermotolerance.

Published in

Scientific Reports
2019, Volume: 9, article number: 8391

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