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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Challenges in reanalysis products to assess extreme weather impacts on agriculture: Study case in southern Sweden

Grusson, Youen; Barron, Jennie


The incidence of dry or wet day sequences has a great influence on crops management and development. The lack of spatialized observed data with appropriate temporal resolution to investigate the changes that has occurred during the last century regarding the length and frequencies of those sequences has led to reliance on reanalysis products. However, the question can be raised about the suitability of those products when evaluating such climate indices and their impacts on crop production. Different products are here investigated to evaluate how the succession of dry and wet days are depicted in Sweden. Results show that reanalysis product tends to overestimate the number of wet days and wet periods and underestimate dry periods. We also showed clearly that the frequency and intensity of dry and wet spells returned can differ widely between products. For instance, number of dry spell events can range from 1 to 11 over the same decade for two different products. This paper does not aim to classify the RPs regarding their goodness or efficiency but try to highlights the divergence between them in representation of spells which could generate substantial differences in climate impact analysis in agricultural modeling.


Crops; Meteorology; Weather; Seasons; Drought; Sweden; Rain; Weather stations

Published in

PLOS climate
2022, Volume: 1, number: 9, article number: e0000063

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    Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
    Climate Research
    Agricultural Science

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