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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Unconstrained trade: The impact of EU cage bans on exports of poultry-keeping equipment

Ferguson, Shon M.


This study evaluates the impact of conventional cage bans for laying hens in the EU on exports of poultry-keeping equipment. Using detailed data on international trade in poultry-keeping equipment combined with an event study regression approach yields several new findings. The results suggest that the cage bans were associated with an increase in intra-EU trade, and also an increase in exports of poultry equipment from EU member states to non-EU countries where conventional cages are still permitted. The results suggest that some banned cages were likely exported to countries outside the EU to be used in egg production.


animal welfare; international trade; policy leakage

Published in

Journal of Agricultural Economics
2023, Volume: 74, number: 2, pages: 435-449
Publisher: WILEY

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