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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

Two new species of Trichoglossum (Geoglossaceae, Ascomycota) from south Mexico

Isaac de la Fuente, Javier; Garcia-Jimenez, Jesus; Raymundo, Tania; Gohar, Daniyal; Bahram, Mohammad; Sanchez-Flores, Marcos; Valenzuela, Ricardo; Pinzon, Juan P.


Two new species of Trichoglossum are described from south Mexico based on morphological and molecular evidence. Trichoglossum caespitosum is characterized by the caespitose ascomata, rough and coiled paraphy-ses and the ascospores with 9-11 septa. Trichoglossum tropicale is characterized by the capitate ascomata, clavate and straight paraphyses and the ascospores with 10-12 septa. Both species grow in the tropical forests of the Yucatan peninsula. Here we provide descriptions and photographs for these species, together with a phylogenetic analyses based on the DNA sequences of nuc rDNA (ITS region and 28S gene) and a comparative table for the species known for America.


Earth tongues; Geoglossomycetes; phylogeny; Quintana Roo; Tropical Ascomycetes

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2022, number: 92, pages: 95-108

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