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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Development and validation of a porcine artificial colonic mucus model reflecting the properties of native colonic mucus in pigs

Barmpatsalou, Vicky; Rodler, Agnes; Jacobson, Magdalena; Karlsson, Eva Marie-Louise; Pedersen, Betty Lomstein; Bergstrom, Christel Anna Sofie


Colonic mucus plays a key role in colonic drug absorption. Mucus permeation assays could therefore provide useful insights and support rational formulation development in the early stages of drug development. However, the collection of native colonic mucus from animal sources is labor-intensive, does not yield amounts that allow for routine experimentation, and raises ethical concerns. In the present study, we developed an in vitro porcine artificial colonic mucus model based on the characterization of native colonic mucus. The structural properties of the artificial colonic mucus were validated against the native secretion for their ability to capture key diffusion patterns of macromolecules in native mucus. Moreover, the artificial colonic mucus could be stored under common laboratory conditions, without compromising its barrier properties. In conclusion, the porcine artificial colonic mucus model can be considered a biorelevant way to study the diffusion behavior of drug candidates in colonic mucus. It is a cost-efficient screening tool easily incorporated into the early stages of drug development and it contributes to the implementation of the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, and replacement of animals) in the drug development process.

Published in

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2023, Volume: 181, article number: 106361
Publisher: ELSEVIER

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