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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

The Slow Flower Movement-exploring alternative sustainable cut-flower production in a Swedish context

Thorning, Rebecca; Ahlklo, Asa Klintborg; Spendrup, Sara


This study critically analyses the emerging Slow Flower Movement in a Swedish context. Analysis is conducted by using the Triple-layered Business Model Canvas, covering economic, social and environmental sustainability values. Data are collected (Spring 2021) through semi-structured interviews, observations of cultivation and use of social media. Analysis and coding were conducted by applying thematic analysis. The results show that con-sumer demand and market for domestic cut-flowers are increasing; however, the development is hindered by small scale production, low profitability and demanding work conditions. Results also show that produce, in line with the Slow Flower Movement, provides unique sustainable values: contribution to biodiversity, a different and unique assortment, functions as a meeting point, and contributes to the local culture, landscape and society. Social media represent a crucial tool in sales, marketing and communication, as well as in the overall development of the movement. Highlighting how these technological communication platforms constitute a foundation for the movement's establishment. The avoidance of technical production aid in the cultivation is regarded as a main hindrance to developing the firms and profitability. By initiating knowledge exchange between conventional growers and the emerging Slow Flower Movement, both parties are expected to gain advantages of a trans-formation towards a mutual development of sustainable domestic cut-flower production.


Slow flower movement; Cut-flower; Triple layered business model canvas (TLBMC); Sustainability

Published in

2022, Volume: 8, number: 10, article number: e11086