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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Clusters or paperbags? What can we actually learn from the structure and reactivity of oligonuclear metal-oxo-alkoxide complexes?

Kessler, Vadim G.


The term cluster has been proposed in Inorganic Chemistry for species featuring well-defined metal-metal bond based structures and implies inherent stability against metal core transformation. The present article provides additional arguments for the formation of metal oxo-alkoxide species on the action of external self-assembly forces, without invoking such stability. These species are easily restructured on hydrolysis in aqueous medium and their alleged photo and electro catalytic reactivity may actually be due to metal oxide nanoparticles resulting from their transformation. A new term "paperbag compound " is proposed instead of 'cluster' to denote oligonuclear non-cluster species. New insights into the reactivity of metal oxide nanoparticles in biological systems can be obtained from analysis of structure and bonding parameters in paperbag compounds as molecular models. (GRAPHICS)


Oxo-alkoxides; Molecular models; Not clusters; Paperbag compounds; Sol-gel chemistry

Published in

Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
2023, Publisher: SPRINGER

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