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Plant chromatin on the move: an overview of chromatin mobility during transcription and DNA repair

Meschichi, Anis; Rosa, Stefanie


It has become increasingly clear in recent years that chromosomes are highly dynamic entities. Chromatin mobility and re-arrangement are involved in many biological processes, including gene regulation and the maintenance of genome stability. Despite extensive studies on chromatin mobility in yeast and animal systems, up until recently, not much had been investigated at this level in plants. For plants to achieve proper growth and development, they need to respond rapidly and appropriately to environmental stimuli. Therefore, understanding how chromatin mobility can support plant responses may offer profound insights into the functioning of plant genomes. In this review, we discuss the state of the art related to chromatin mobility in plants, including the available technologies for their role in various cellular processes.


Arabidopsis; chromatin mobility; DNA repair; gene tagging; MSD; transcription

Published in

Plant Journal
2024, Volume: 118, number: 4, pages: 953-962
Publisher: WILEY

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