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Report, 2023

Adapting postharvest activities in the value chain of fisheries and aquaculture to the effects of climate change and mitigating their climate footprint through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Quirijns, Floor; Feary, David A.; Hoekstra, Geert; Cardoso, Carlos; Broeze, Jan; Metz, Sebastien; De Clercq, Adelbert; Ramos, Saioa; Mytlewski, Adam; Wever, Alexander; Deetman, Bea; Hammarlund, Cecilia; Villanueva, David; Puértolas, Eduardo; Torreele, Els; Triantaphyllidis, George; Polet, Hans; Owen, Harry; Blomquist, Johan; Snels, Joost;
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eISBN: 978-92-9469-559-8
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union