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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

The Comparative Toxicity, Biochemical and Physiological Impacts of Chlorantraniliprole and Indoxacarb on Mamestra brassicae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Moustafa, Moataz A. M.; Fouad, Eman A.; Ibrahim, Emad; Erdei, Anna Laura; Karpati, Zsolt; Fonagy, Adrien


Background: The cabbage moth, Mamestra brassicae, is a polyphagous pest that attacks several crops. Here, the sublethal and lethal effects of chlorantraniliprole and indoxacarb were investigated on the developmental stages, detoxification enzymes, reproductive activity, calling behavior, peripheral physiology, and pheromone titer of M. brasssicae. Methods: To assess pesticide effects, the second instar larvae were maintained for 24 h on a semi-artificial diet containing insecticides at their LC10, LC30, and LC50 concentrations. Results: M. brassicae was more susceptible to chlorantraniliprole (LC50 = 0.35 mg/L) than indoxacarb (LC50 = 1.71 mg/L). A significantly increased developmental time was observed with both insecticides at all tested concentrations but decreases in pupation rate, pupal weight, and emergence were limited to the LC50 concentration. Reductions in both the total number of eggs laid per female and the egg viability were observed with both insecticides at their LC30 and LC50 concentrations. Both female calling activity and the sex pheromone (Z11-hexadecenyl acetate and hexadecenyl acetate) titer were significantly reduced by chlorantraniliprole in LC50 concentration. Antennal responses of female antennae to benzaldehyde and 3-octanone were significantly weaker than controls after exposure to the indoxocarb LC50 concentration. Significant reductions in the enzymatic activity of glutathione S-transferases, mixed-function oxidases, and carboxylesterases were observed in response to both insecticides.


toxicity; sublethal effects; chlorantraniliprole; indoxacarb; Mamestra brassicae

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2023, Volume: 11, number: 3, article number: 212
Publisher: MDPI

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    Environmental Sciences

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