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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Morphological growth performance and genetic parameters on Korean pine in Northeastern China

Kaviriri, David Kombi; Yang, Ling; Zhao, Chunli; Pei, Xiaona; Fan, Zuoyi; Wang, Jingyuan; Xu, Liang; Tigabu, Mulualem; You, Xiangling; Li, Yuhua; Liu, Huan-Zhen; Zhao, Xiyang


Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) is an economically valuable species owing to its excellent timber quality and nuts useful for various purposes. But few studies have been made on growth performance, and aspects combining the genetic gain and classification method on phenotypic similarity in the selection process of superior families. Thus, the present study aimed at analyzing the genetic variation and highlight suitable morphological traits for family selection; establishing trait correlations and families' ordination based on similarities in phenotypic characters, and selecting elite families and suitable parent trees. Full-sib families from 28 crosses established in randomized complete block design from Naozhi orchard in Northeast China were used, and 11 morphological traits were investigated. Significant differences were observed among families for all traits. The traits coefficients of variation ranged from 6.07 to 56.25 % and from 0.029 to 15.213 % in phenotype and genotypic variation, respectively. A moderate level of inherited genetic control was observed (broad sense heritability H-2, varied from 0.155 to 0.438). Traits related to stem growth were highly positively correlated to each other whereas crown traits showed a weak correlation with stem traits (Pearson correlation r, ranged from -0.161 to 0.956). Based on multi-trait comprehensive analysis, we selected six elite families and six parents, which resulted in a genetic gain of 5.6 %, 16.9 %, and 36.4 % in tree height, diameter at breast height, and volume, respectively. These results make a theoretical basis for selecting excellent families and establish orchards of Korean pine from improved seeds.


Combining ability; Full-sib families; Phenotypic variability; Pinus koraiensis

Published in

Silvae Genetica
2023, Volume: 72, number: 1, pages: 34-48
Publisher: SCIENDO

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    Forest Science

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