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Conference paper2023Peer reviewed

Evaluation of portable tools for fast field assessment of winter wheat grain quality

Morandin Figueiredo, Bruno; Söderström, Mats; Persson, Kristian; Börjesson, T.


The grain crude protein analysis tool evaluated in this project, combined with satellite imagery has the potential to be an alternative to combine harvester protein mapping devices. Evaluation showed that a calibration is necessary for accurate results. Field-specific and general calibrations were developed bringing MAE to as low as 0.14% for a field-specific calibration. In combination with satellite imagery, protein prediction models were developed using 9 available wavelength bands from a wide range of images throughout the cropping season. Predictions had a MAE as low as 0.10% for a field-specific model.


winter wheat; crude protein; remote sensing; satellite; prediction model

Published in

Title: Precision agriculture ’23
ISBN: 978-90-8686-393-8, eISBN: 978-90-8686-947-3
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers


14th European Conference on Precision Agriculture, Bologona Italy, 2-6 July 2023