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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

New configurations of the tele-extraction concept

Lundback, Mikael; Haggstrom, Carola; Fjeld, Dag; Nordfjell, Tomas


Within cut-to-length forwarding, a theoretical semi-autonomous teleoperation concept called tele-extraction, with automation of crane work and teleoperation of driving, was modeled and simulated. Both configurations modeled had greater potential for cost reduction than a previously studied alternative where the driving was automated, and crane work was teleoperated. Teledrive with teleoperated driving empty, driving loaded, and driving between log piles while loading, showed a reduced cost of 10% for five operators on ten forwarders, whereas teledrive with both loading and driving while loading automated showed a reduced cost of 18% at four operators. In both configurations, the lowest cost was reached at about 10% lower productivity compared to standard forwarding. Increased extraction distance had a negative impact on potential for cost reduction since the driving was teleoperated while terminal activities were autonomous.


forwarding; CTL; teleoperation; automation; discrete event simulation; organization; >

Published in

International Journal of Forest Engineering
2023, Volume: 34, number: 3, pages: 397-407