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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Nanopriming Action of Microwave-Assisted Biofunctionalized ZnO Nanoparticles to Enhance the Growth under Moisture Stress in Vigna radiata

Kalimuthu, Raja; Meenachi Sellan, Kumuthan; Antony, Dhivya; Rajaprakasam, Sudhagar; Chokkalingam, Vanniarajan; Chidambaram, Prabu; Kanagarajan, Selvaraju


Bare and stabilizedzinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) were preparedby a microwave-assisted method and used as a priming agent to improvethe morphological, physiological, and biochemical quality of Vigna radiata. The priming action was made undernormal and moisture stress conditions. A microwave reactor of 850watts power was used to heat 30 mL of a nanocolloidal solution at140 & DEG;C for 20 min. The stable spherical ZnO NPs at 50.4 mV with28.2 nm particle size were generated and capped with different biomolecules,cysteine and PVA, to get biostabilized ZnO NPs at 48.8 and 108.5 nmwith & zeta; potentials of -56.2 and -52.0 mV, respectively,holding distinct morphology. The nanopriming effect was studied in V. radiata seeds for bare ZnO and capped ZnO NPsunder normal and moisture stress environments. Cysteine-capped ZnONPs at 250 ppm showed improved germination (90 and 76%), radicle growth(7.6 and 3.6 cm), seedling Vigor (3064 and 1816), dry matter production(145.06 and 96.92 mg/25 seedlings), and hydrolytic (& alpha;-amylaseand protease) and antioxidant (peroxidase and superoxide dismutase)enzyme activity under normal and moisture stress conditions. The improvedpriming action of cysteine-capped ZnO NPs is due to increased cellelongation and cell division in the radicle. The uptake and translocationof ZnO NPs in the V. radiata root areevidenced by the presence of an 11.4 ppm zinc level, which was alsosupported by EDAX and FITC labeling results.

Published in

ACS Omega
2023, Volume: 8, number: 31, pages: 28143-28155 Publisher: AMER CHEMICAL SOC

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