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Factsheet, 2023

Wooden multi-story construction : market development with consumer knowledge, municipal goals and industrial strategies

Franzini, Florencia; Hurmenkoski, Elias; Haeyrinen, Liina; Jussila, Jaakko; Lähtinen, Katja; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia; Nagy, Emil; Roos, Anders; Toivonen, Ritva; Toppinen, Anne


This Forest Fact sheet will present the state of the art of wooden multi-storey construction market development in Finland and Sweden. From a consumer perspective, housing requirements were captured in three factors: environmental and social sustainability, quality, and design. A literature review points to the importance of cost efficiency gains from prefabrication. Municipal perspectives clearly illustrate how political goals may influence the governance and perception of public procurement processes. A transition to sustainable construction practises is supported by legislation that requires sustainability declarations.


Apartment; construction industry; multi-level residential construction,; sustainable development; wood

Published in

Fakta. Skog
2023, number: 2023:4
Publisher: Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences