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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Svalöf: a High Yielding Potato with Resistance to Late Blight in Nordic Latitudes

Ortiz, Rodomiro; Reslow, Fredrik; Carlson-Nilsson, Ulrika


Svalöf is a yellow-skinned, light yellow-feshed, high-yielding table potato cultivar for the high latitude of Scandinavia, showing partial resistance to Phytophthora infestans (causing late blight) and same specifc gravity as the mealy cultivar King Edward, which is preferred in the fresh market by consumers in Sweden. It was selected as breeding clone SLU 1314015 in the frst clonal generation (T1) at the late-blight prone site of Mosslunda (Skåne, southern Sweden) in October 2015. The cross for obtaining it was made by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2013 involving the breeding clone D09 1:2 1701 as female parent and the Dutch cultivar Carolus as male parent. Svalöf show very large, round-oval tubers with shallow eyes and smooth skin. Its tuber yield averaged above 6%, 23%, 25% and 59% of Dutch cultivars Connect, Fontane, Carolus and Bintje, respectively, across multi-site trials in Sweden. Its unstable reducing sugar in the tuber fesh, as determined by multisite testing, suggests that it will not be suitable for the crisp or chip processing. SLU’s Svensk potatisförädling is seeking registration to be included in the Svenska Sortlistan, which lists cultivars available and is a pre-condition for certifcation of planting materials in the European Union. The release of Svalöf as new potato cultivar will be the frst entirely bred for this crop in Sweden since the mid-1990s.


Breeding; Genetic gains; Genomic prediction; Host plant resistance to late blight; Table potato

Published in

American Journal of Potato Research
2023, Volume: 100, number: 5, pages: 399-406
Publisher: SPRINGER