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Research article, 2000

Introducing Gender in Studies on Management Behaviour Among Non-industrial Private Forest Owners

Lidestav, Gun; Ekström, Magnus


The genderization of non-industrial private forest (NIPF) ownership creates different conditions for male and female forest owners. To compare male and female forest management behaviour and to examine whether observed differences should be understood in terms of gender, data from the Swedish National Board of Forestry’s interview inquiry were used. Differences in frequency of harvesting and silvicultural operations were examined by binary logistic regression and differences in harvesting volume were tested by a multiple regression analysis. In all analyses sex of the owner as was introduced as one of the explanatory variables. The sex of the owner was found to have a significant effect on the frequency of harvesting, cleaning and supplementary planting, but not on planting and mechanised scarification. In the cases when the sex of the owner was a significant factor, the degree of activity among the female owners was found to be lower. Results regarding harvested volumes did not expose any significant differences in harvesting management strategies between male and female owners.


forestry activity; gender; management behaviour; non-industrial private forest owners

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2000, number: 15
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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