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Conference abstract, 2023

Early provision of increased environmental choice influences the gut microbiota and physiology of layer pullets

Skånberg, Lena; Nazar, Franco Nicolas; Dicksved, Johan; Mccrea, Kirste; Holt, Regine V.; Newberry, Ruth C.; Estevez, Inma; Keeling, Linda


Development; Rearing; Microbiota; Immune response; Hole-board test

Published in

Book title: Proceedings of the XI European Symposium on Poultry Welfare 2023
ISBN: 978-80-908114-1-6
Publisher: GUARANT International spol. s r.o. for Czech branch of WPSA


XI European Symposium on Poultry Welfare (ESPW 2023), Prague, Czech Republic, 26-29 June 2023