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Research article, 2000

The hydraulic performance of ponds of various layouts

Persson, Jesper


This study analyses how the hydraulic performance differs between 13 ponds with hypothetically different layouts. The paper also includes a discussion of short-circuiting, hydraulic effciency and suitable parameters for measuring hydraulic performance. The ponds were studied by using a 2-D vertically integrated numerical model. Tracer studies were simulated and then evaluated and compared. The results confirm that length-to-width ratio, location of in-and outlets, and subsurface berm have a large impact on pond hydraulic performance. There is also an indication that an island placed in front of the inlet improves the hydraulic performance, and that a curved pond or an island placed near the side does not decrease the performance.


hydraulics; layout; hydraulic performance; numerical simulation; ponds; short-circuiting; wetlands

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Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

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