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Seed orchards



Presentations published in proceedings: DNA and seed orchards - Darius Danusevicius, Yousry El-Kassaby, Maria Gaspar, Øystein Johnsen and Xiao-Ru Wang Seed Orchard Planning and Management in Turkey - Murat Alan, Hikmet Ozturk and Sadi Siklar Synchronization and Fertility Variation Among Pinus nigra Arn. Clones in a Clonal Seed Orchard - P.G. Alizoti, K. Kilimis and P. Gallios Practical use of GA4/7 to stimulate flower production in Picea abies seed orchards in Sweden - Curt Almqvist Seed orchards and seed collection stands of Scots pine in Turkey - Nebi Bilir and M. Denizhan Ulusan Do we need flower stimulation in seed orchards? - Władysław Chałupka Using SYNCHRO.SAS, a program to facilitate phenological data processing, in a radiata pine seed orchard in northern Spain. - Veronica Codesido and Josefina Fernández-López. A New Generation of Clonal Seed orchards of wild cherry - Bart de Cyuper PROSAD a tool for projecting and managing data about seed orchards - Vladimír Foff and Elena Foffová The Swedish Scots Pine Seed Orchard Västerhus - Anders Fries, Dag Lindgren and Bengt Andersson Coancestry among wind pollinated progenies from a Pinus pinaster seed orchard in a progeny trial. - Maria João Gaspar; Ana de-Luca; Santiago C González-Martínez; Jorge Paiva; Elena Hidalgo José Lousada and Helena Almeida Contribution of seed orchards to timber harvest in the short-run and in the long-run - Peichen Gong, and Ola Rosvall Planter's guide - a decision support system for the choice of reforestation material - Mats Hannerz and Tore Ericsson Pomotechnical treatments in the broadleave clonal seed orchards - Davorin Kajba, Nikola Pavičić, Saša Bogdan and Ida Katičić Mixing of seed crops from different years is an effective management strategy for enhancing effective population size in Eucalyptus seedling seed orchard crops - R. Kamalakannan and M. Varghese Management of Seed Orchards considering Gain and Diversity and how it is Applied in Korea - Kyu-Suk Kang and Chang-Soo Kim Gene conservation through seed orchards - a case study of Prunus spinosa L. - Jörg R.G. Kleinschmit, Ludger Leinemann and Bernhard Hosius Combining production of improved seeds with genetic testing in seedling seed orchards - Jan Kowalczyk Deployment of clones to seed orchards when candidates are related - Dag Lindgren and Darius Danusevičius The Swedish seed orchard program for Scots pine and Norway spruce - Dag Lindgren, Bo Karlsson, Bengt Andersson and Finnvid Prescher Advanced-Generation Seed Orchard Designs - Milan Lstibůrek and Yousry A.El-Kassaby Problems with seed production of European larch in seed orchards in Poland - Piotr Markiewicz A review of the seed orchard programme in Poland - Jan Matras Seed Orchard Management Strategies for Deployment of Intensively Selected Loblolly Pine Families in the Southern US - Steven E. McKeand, Davis M. Gerwig, W. Patrick Cumbie, and J.B. Jett Paternal gene flow in Cryptomeria japonica seed orchards as revealed by analysis of microsatellite markers - Yoshinari Moriguchi, Hideaki Taira and Yoshihiko Tsumura Fertility Variation across Years in Two Clonal Seed Orchards of Teak and its Impact on Seed Crop. - Abel Nicodemus, Mohan.Varghese, B. Nagarajan and Dag Lindgren A review of Scots pine and Norway spruce seed orchards in Finland - Teijo Nikkanen Finnish Birch Seed Production 1970-2007 - Sirkku Pöykkö British Columbia’s Seed Orchard Program: Multi Species Management With Integration To The End User - David J.S. Reid Pest insects and pest management in Swedish spruce seed orchards - Olle Rosenberg and Jan Weslien New Swedish Seed Orchard Program - Ola Rosvall and Per Ståhl Comparison of seed orchard and stand seed of Scots pine in direct seeding - Seppo Ruotsalainen Temporal and Spatial Change of the Mating System Parameters in a Seed Orchard of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. - Xihuan Shen, Dongmei Zhang, Yue Li and H. X. Zhang Challenges and Prospects for Seed Orchard Development in South China - Run-Peng Wei Factors affecting effective population size estimation in a seed orchard: a case study of Pinus sylvestris - Dušan Gömöry, Roman Longauer, Ladislav Paule and Rudolf Bruchánik Pollen contamination and after-effects in Scots pine - Jan-Erik Nilsson


Tree breeding; Forest Genetics; Seed supply; Seed; Tree Improvement; Regeneration

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ISBN: 978-91-85911-28-8
Publisher: Institutionen för skoglig genetik och växtfysiologi, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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