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Other publication, 2006

Proceedings : symposium on Gender and Forestry and IUFRO 6.08.01 workshop



Forestry concerns not only of plants, animals, soil, and water conditions. It also concerns actions, thinking, and relations between human beings, who organize and carry out specific tasks and management on a business level. Furthermore, it concerns people as consumers of forest products, services and environmental goods. By applying a gender perspective, we will increase our knowledge and skills in the management of this valuable nature resource. The objective of this International Seminar on Gender and Forestry was to raise awareness of the present gender structures in forest ownership and forest organisations, and to reveal the impact of gender on the perception of forests and forestry in Europe, CIS and North America. More than sixty foresters and researchers from fifteen countries were gathered to exchange knowledge and experiences and to plan future co-operation. This was done by presenting and discussing the Report "Time for action – Changing the gender situation in forestry" prepared by the Team of Specialists (Appendix 1). In addition, prominent experts in gender research were giving lectures and practicable methods for analysing gender structures and raising awareness were presented. The Seminar was preceded by a Field Trip and followed by an IUFRO 6.08.01 Workshop with special focus on Gender Research in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. After the closing of the workshop a IUFRO 6.08.01 Business Meeting was held. By the field trip participants was engaged in a content analysis of the "SkogsNolia Forest Fair" and during the seminar all Seminar participants were involved by the Forum theatre. Thus, an objective was also to provide participants with useful instruments for improving gender equality in participant‘s home countries, organisations. The proceedings of the International Seminar "Gender and Forestry" with field trip and IUFRO 6.08.01 Workshop held in Umeå, Sweden 17-21 August 2006 include the papers, posters and speeches that were presented, additional papers related to the subject, the outcome of the workshops and business meeting and a brief review of the excursion. The Faculty of Forest Sciences was responsible organizer for the Seminar, supported financially by the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Formas, Sveaskog, SkogsNolia and Husqvarna. A sincere thank you to our sponsors, who made it possible to arrange the Seminar and Workshop. We also thank all the participants for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us.


forestry; role of women; sex; private ownership

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Publisher: Faculty of Forestry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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