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Book chapter, 2003

Volatile compounds associated with the fragrance and flavour of chaenomeles juice

Jordan, M.J.; Vila, Roser; Hellin, P.; Laencina, J.; Rumpunen, Kimmo; Ros, J.M.


In this paper, volatile compounds associated with the fragrance and flavour of chaenomeles juice are reported for fruits of different taxa in the genus Chaenomeles (C. japonica, C. speciosa, C. japonica x C. speciosa and C. x superba). Thirty-three genotypes were investigated and sixty volatile compounds were identified. These compounds included thirteen terpenic hydrocarbons, fourteen alcohols, five ketones, fourteen aldehydes and fourteen esters. Samples of C. japonica had the richest aroma profile. Its major components were methanol, ethanol, 1-penten-3-ol, α-terpineol, acetone, ethyl-vinyl-ketone, varelaldehyde, (E)-2-hexenal, ethyl acetate, linalyl acetate, geranyl acetate and ethyl antranylate. Components that were identified in all the species and that could contribute to the fruity, sweet, floral and acid notes of chaenomeles fragrance and flavour were methanol, terpinen-4-ol, α-terpineol, dodecanol, carvone, nonanal, neral, perialdehyde, undecanal, octyl acetate, citronellyl acetate, neryl acetate, geranyl acetate, ethyl antranyllate, α-pinene, ß-myrcene, γ-terpinene, ß-caryophyllene and α-humulene. Principal differences among species could be attributed to some aldehydes, ketones and esters with high volatility found in C. japonica, but not in C. speciosa, C. japonica x speciosa and C. x superba.


Chaenomeles; Flavour; Fragrance

Published in

ISBN: 91-631-3765-8
Publisher: Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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