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Book chapter, 2003

Processing and products of Japanese quince

Hellin, P.; Jordan, M.J.; Vila, Roser; Gustafsson, M.; Göransson, E.; Åkesson, Bengt; Gröön, I.; Laencina, J.; Ros, J.M.


In this paper, applied research on the usefulness of Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) fruits in processing and for development of products is reported. Juice was extracted by crushing and centrifugation or by pressing, with and without prior treatment with pectolytic enzymes. Aroma was extracted from fresh fruits by sugar and was also enriched by pervaporation from juice. Several products were developed based on fruit juice, purée and aroma extracts, including consumer products such as chaenomeles ice cream, lemonade, jam, curd and yoghurt. Pectin extracted from Japanese quince fruits was tested in baking of white bread. The pectin was found to be highly useful in improving bread quality, and had a positive effect on crumb hardness and elasticity. A dosage of only 0.5% of flour weight resulted in a 7% increase in bread volume. The potential of using chaenomeles pectin in baked goods would therefore be good if it was possible to produce pectin in a way that resulted in a cost-competitive product.


Chaenomeles; Processing; Products

Published in

ISBN: 91-631-3765-8
Publisher: Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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