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Book chapter, 2003

Consumer preferences for Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) products

Rumpunen, K.; Göransson, E.


A study of consumer preferences in Sweden showed that the consumers in general responded very positively to the flavour of Japanese quince in various products. Of the products tested, chaenomeles ice cream was the product liked by most consumers, and on average 80% of the consumers questioned would buy the ice cream if it were available on the market. Chaenomeles lemonade and chaenomeles curd were also very much appreciated. Curd-type preservatives seemed to be unknown for many of the Swedish consumers surveyed. Nevertheless, chaenomeles curd obtained high scores and 83% of women aged 40–60 would buy the product if available on the market. Less appreciated (however with high scores) were jam and yoghurt with the highest buying preferences for 75% for women aged 40–60 and 62% for women aged 20–39. These products could be further developed and thereby appreciated by more consumers.


Chaenomeles; Consumer preferences; Ice cream; Lemonade; Jam; Curd; Yoghurt

Published in

ISBN: 91-631-3765-8
Publisher: Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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