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Factsheet, 2007

Towards sustainable forest management in NW Russia : supporting policy implementation and product development

Angelstam, Per; Elbakidze, Marine; Axelsson, Robert; Bulygina, Natalia; Petrov, Anatoly; Vukolova, Irina


• The sustainability concept encompasses ecological, economic and socio-cultural dimensions, all of which should be balanced by good governance. • The Russian Federation is part of the international Montréal process on the development of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). • In response to the challenge to improve the role of forests for society a new Forest Code was issued in 2006. • We interviewed a wide range of forest actors and stakeholders during winter 2006/2007 to evaluate existing systems for providing new knowledge and learning for SFM in Russia. • There were considerable mismatches between the contents of the SFM concept, and the existing contents and forms of education at different levels. • We present suggestions for (1) curriculum components at different levels from technicians to PhD level, (2) forms of education to create future professionals focused on SFM, including the role of Model Forests and other arenas for SFM innovation and dissemination, and (3) the development of education materials at multiple levels.


forest policy; education; international co-operation; landscape; natural resource management

Published in

Fakta. Skog
Publisher: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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