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Report, 1967

The meiotic development in male aspen

Ekberg, Inger; Eriksson, Gösta; Kartel, Nikolai; Zuzana, Sulikova


Meiosis in PMC of aspen in twigs allowed to develop in greenhouse, was studied and demonstrated by photomicrographs. During the conditions prevailing in the greenhouse the development from pachytene to microspores took place within around 30 hours. Pachytene was shown to be the longest lasting stage followed by metaphase I, diplotene and interphase. The development starts in the base of the catkin and proceeds upwards. Several meiotic stages might simultaneously found in individual flowers.


meiosis; Aspen; silviculture; breeding

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
Publisher: Royal College of Forestry

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