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Report, 1984

Vattenmagasin för bevattning

Persson, Ragnar


The report discusses planning, design and construction of water storage structures for irrigation. It opens with a brief description of some different possibilities for water storage, followed by a chapter on site investigations and hydrological studies. This chapter includes, for instance, advice on calculating the necessary reservoir capacity and suggestions for estimating the design flood for overflow arrangements. Requirements concerning stability and permeability of the embankment and its foundation are also discussed. Different constructions of earth embankments are considered, as well as construction materials and compaction methods. The final chapter deals with bottom outlet pipes and overflow arrangements. Special attention is given to the discharge coefficient of the Poleni formula used in designing overflow weirs.


vatten för bevattning; vattenbassänger; dammar; avbördningsanordningar; dimensionerande vattenföring; grundundersökningar; vattentillgång

Published in

ISBN: 91-576-1945
Publisher: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avd f lantbrukets hydroteknik

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