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Report, 1983

Morphology and genesis of mor from a pine-heath stand

Olsson, Mats T.


Morphological studies of mor of different ages were carried out with the purposes of describing and elucidating biological activity on the basis of morphological properties. and deducing the rate of genesis. The site was characterized by a quartz-rich sand deposit. low ground-water table, poor vegetation and orthic podzol. In the morphological analyses the mor was separated into different horizons. Micromorphological studies showed that fungi were very important in the decomposition process. Soil animals were of less significance. The formation of the fermentation horizon was a fast process. After a period of 20 years a fermentation horizon had developed although it was characterized by a low content of altered organic matter. The formation of a humus substance horizon was a much slower process.


mor; soil micromorphology; soil biology

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-576-1398-2
Publisher: Faculty of Forestry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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