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Report, 1979

Residues of DDT and lindane on treated conifer seedlings and in forest soil

Eidmann, Hubertus; Bergman, Östen; Henningsson, Björn; Möller, Cecilia


Conifer seedlings were treated with DDT and lindane before being planted in a reforestation area. At intervals samples were taken from the planted seedlings and the surrounding soil and analysed for DDT components and lindane. The loss of the insecticides from the seedlings and the incidence of them in the soil were determined. The ecological impact of planting insecticide-treated seedlings in the forest is discussed.


DDT; lindane; conifer seedlings; forest soil; samples; reforestation area

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-38-04992-9
Publisher: College of Forestry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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