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Report, 1977

External factors influencing female flowering in Picea abies (L.) Karst.

Lindgren, Katarina; Ekberg, Inger; Eriksson, Gösta


Inventories of the cone crop in the vicinity of meteorological stations in southern Sweden were made in the years 1973-1975. Correlations between cone crop and the following variables for the year of flower primordia initiation-cone crop, some temperature variables and precipitation-were calculated. The relationship between cone crop and some other factors was studied briefly. The investigation revealed that high temperature during the middle or end of June provokes increased flowering, on the condition that the cone crop during the year of flower primordia initiation is scanty. High precipitation during June may have a negative effect on the flowering. Similar studies on the relationship between cone crop and temperature, precipitation and cone crop in the year of bud differentiation were conducted using the data collected by the National Forest Survey during the years 1961- 1974. These correlations supported the observations made in our own inventories. Concerning the location of seed orchards of Picea abies, the results suggest that the south-eastern part of Sweden is most suitable.


external factors; female flowering; Picea abies (L.) Karst.

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-38-03762-9
Publisher: Skogshögskolan

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