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Report, 1975

Produktionen i kulturbestånd av ek i södra Sverige

Carbonnier, Charles


Data from 29 experimental plots in oak plantations are reported and have been utilized in constructing yield tables. The development of top height in individual experimental plots has been made the basis for deriving height development curves. In constructing the yield tables it has been assumed that the development of top height, follows the derived curves. In constructing the tables the increment per cent in basal area has been calculated by means of a function obtained from regression analysis of the empirical data. Special account has been taken of the effect of undergrowth on the oak stands. The content of the fine soil fraction is of great interest. This factor. in combination with site index, has been tested as a variable in the regression analysis. In all functions it proved to be a powerful variable and led to greater precision in the deterinination of' the increment per cent in basal area. The tables show the average stand development for given site quality, here defined in terms of top height at an age of 100 years and content of the fine soil fraction, initial stand and thinning programme.


yield; oak plantations; Quercus robur; experimental plots

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-38-02278-8
Publisher: Skogshögskolan

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