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Report, 1972

Studies on the basic density in mother trees and progenies of pine

Persson, Anders


The basic density is a highly important wood property, not least for pulping purposes. The possibilities of selection improvement in respect of basic density in pine (Pinus silvestris L.) are studied in this paper. The method of calculating the stem density in young pines by means of the basic density of branches is shown to have low precision. In a comparison of the density in progenies with that in mother trees in two groups of material, correlation coefficients of 0.591*** (29 pairs of values) and 0.415 (22 pairs of values, not significant) were obtained. A calculation of the heritability (H) on the basis of the regression of progenies on mother trees gave for the material in question the values H = 0.56 and H = 0.46 respectively.


Pinus silvestris; density; mother trees; progenies

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-38-00223-X
Publisher: Skogshögskolan

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