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Report, 1971

Nytt material för skoglig produktionsforskning : tall, gran och björk

Näslund , Manfred


A comprehensive and balanced material is the first prerequisite for forest yield research to provide guidance for practical forestry in important yield problems. In 1941, fieldwork was begun at the then Swedish Institute of Experimental Forestry for a new, large-scale Yield Investigation. The present author, at the time Head of Section at the Institute, planned in detail the Investigation. The fieldwork was completed in 1965. During the long period of collection of the material, parts of it were processed by research workers for various purposes, and the results published. However, there has been no full account of the reasoning and motives underlying the planning and detailed configuration of the Investigation. This paper aims to provide such an account and at the same time to review the very extensive and detailed material collected. The Investigation was planned to use a large number of temporary sample plots, laid out both in untouched stands and in stands thinned according to forestry practice; thus pure stands of pine, spruce and birch and mixed stands of these species, are covered by the study. The statistical analysis of the material, which was collected according to special procedures, is primarily intended to lead to yield models with the help of which yield tables may be constructed, to apply to various natural conditions and under different treatments.


skoglig produktionsforskning; tall; gran; björk

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
Publisher: Skogshögskolan

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