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Report, 1993

Metoder för rekultivering av packningsskadad mark i urban miljö

Rolf, Kaj


The effects of subsoil compaction, topsoil compaction, mechanical subsoiling with an excavator and pneumatic subsoiling using a Terralift soil aerator on a number of soil physical parameters and plant growth on five tree species, were measured at two sites with sandy loam and loam over clay loam, respectively. The compactions were made under controlled conditions before subsoiling and planting. Compaction had a negative influence on soil physics and plant growth. Soil bulk density was increased and pore volume, airfilled porosity at field capacity and air permeability decreased. Penetration resistance was higher for both sites compared to untreated controls. Plants had less yearly growth and were smaller than the plants in the controls, 4 years after planting. The excavator was used to study the ability of that method to reduce the negative effects of soil compaction. Results showed that soil bulk density was reduced and pore volume and airfilled porosity at field capacity had increased. Penetration resistance was lowered for both sites. Plants were, 4 years after planting, higher at the subsoiled sandy soil but not at the clay soil, compared with the controls. The effects of pneumatic subsoiling using a Terralift soil aerator was studied to test the equipments ability to solve soil physical problems in existing plantations. In the sandy loam, aeration led to a decreased bulk density, an increase in porosity (mainly as an increase in macro-porosity) and an increase in saturated hydraulic conductivity and air permeability. Penetration resistance was lowered at this site. After aeration at the loam soil site, measurements indicated that bulk density increased, porosity decreased, there were no changes in saturated hydraulic conductivity and a small increase in air permeability. The project was financed by the Swedish Council for Building Research.


jordpackning; mekanisk luckring; pneumatisk luckring; stadsjordar; markfysik; penetrationsmotstånd; tillväxt

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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