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Report, 1993

Kemiska hälsorisker i växthus : en kartläggning

Nilsson, Ulla


Working environment after treatment with fungicides were studied. Ronilan FL (active ingredient vinclozolin) and Bayleton Special (active ingredient triadimefon) was sprayed in greenhouse where tomatoes and cucumber were grown. Samples were taken on air up to 24 hours after application and on leaves and plastic surfaces up to one week after application. Application techniques used were high volume spraying (Wanjet HP) and low volume spraying (Wanjet ULV 30). Analysis were performed with HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography. The results from the analysis showed that the concentration of vinclozolin in the air was very low, 0-74 µg/m3, after spraying with Ronilan FL. After spraying with Bayleton Special no residues of triadimefon could be detected. After spraying with high volume sprayer the residues of vinclozolin on leaves the week after spraying were 1,80 - 8,50 mg/m2 leaf surface. On wall plastics (acrylate) residues were between 1,80 and 3,50 mg/m2 and on floor plastics (polyethene) the residues were 29,00-35,00 mg/m2. Residues after low volume spraying with Ronilan (vinclozolin) were on leaves 0,13 - 5,30 mg/m2. The residue levels decreased during the sampling week but sampling during a longer period of time is needed to study the degradation of this kind of substances. Such studies will be performed in next part of following research activities.


Hälsorisker; exponering; fungicider; vinklozolin; triadimeton; gurka; tomat; sprutning; sprutor; pesticider; resthalter; bekämpningsmedel

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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