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Report, 1991

Maskinell skörd av äpplen

Olander, Sven


Mechanical harvest of apples can be divided into direct and indirect harvesting methods. The direct methods harvest fruit by contacting the fruit. Robotics is an example of direct harvesting methods. The indirect harvesting methods harvest by contacting some other part of the tree, usually the trunk or limbs. The most common method is shaking of the whole tree. A serious problem with mechanical harvest is damages. Damage can occur both on the fruit and on the tree, damage under the bark can be serious on cherry trees. Damages on the fruit is very hard to avoid with indirect harvesting methods. A large amount of research has been put in to minimize the damage on apples, but in practise there is hardly no mechanical harvest of apples for fresh consume.


maskninell skörd; äpplen; trädfrukt

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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