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Report, 1987

Ett datorbaserat system för datainsamling i fält

Leuchovius, Torbjörn


An account is given of a computer-based system of data collection for field experiments, etc. A hand-held computer is used in the field in combination with a scale, barcode reader and a printer. The transfer of data is done either directly to PCs or to a main frame computer via a telephone modem. The system is being tested during. 1984-1987 in experiments in agriculture and horticulture. It will probably be run in full scale during 1988-1990. The Swedish agricultural experiments are located at both permanent stations as well as on farms. All field data e.g. weighings, assessments, countings and measurements have earlier been written on special papers forms which have then been posted. Three different battery-powered computers have been tested. Two of these, the Husky Hunter 9G (from England) and the Micronic M900 (Swedish-made) worked fairly well in the outdoor climate. The digital scale Ktron-30 (from Switzerland) has since 1984 been tested in several places and has largely operated well. During 1987 other scales from Sartorius (type I-31) and Mettler (type TE-30) will be tested. Many assessments, for example, attacks of disease and pests as well as crop development (emergence, straw strength etc.) can be made by using illustrations in combination with barcodes. The tested computers are fitted with barcode readers (light pens) and the barcode type Code-39 is used. Other data collection aids will be tested during 1987, for example, a battery-powered moisture content meter with direct data registration in the computer. Data collection programs are available for the Husky Hunter 9g and the Micronic M900. A data reception program is available for PCs using the MS-DOS operative system (IBM-compatible).


datainsamling; fältförsök; jordbruk; handdator; vägning; streckkod

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
ISBN: 91-576-3095-X
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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