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Report, 1986

Farmlink datakommunikation

Falk, Conny


During the last few years the use of farm computers and different kinds of microcomputer based systems have increased on Swedish farms. For example there are microcomputer based systems for feeding and weighing, This development has required effective data transfer between the farm computer and the microcomputer based systems. At present the use of pen and paper is the most common way to transfer data but this is a time consuming way of exchanging information. The transfer of data between the farm computer and the microcomputer based systems can either be done by use of cables or by a handheld computer. The advantages to use a handheld computer are: - eliminate long and expensive cables at the same time as the system will be less sensitive to disturbances - can be used as an electronic notebook for data - can also be used for data transfer between the farm computer and microcomputer based system on mobile machines. A conclusion of the advantages is that the handheld computer could be a general tool for all the information handling on the farm. The purpose of this report is to give a recommendation of how the handheld computer can be used as a communication link between the farm computer and the different kinds of microcomputer based systems. This work also includes software development that fulfil the requirements of the given recommendation. The software is called FARMLINK. It is based on common data communication solutions. Consideration has also been taken to the non available microcomputer based systems on farms. FARMLINK use serial asynchronous transmission and voltage levels according to the well known interface standard RS 232C. FARMLINK is divided into three main parts: - initiation of communication - communication to equipment - communication to farm computer. During initiation of communication it is possible to initiate different communication parameters. The two remaining parts are used when the handheld computer is connected either to a microcomputer based system or a farm computer. A test of FARMLINK has been performed. At the test a personal computer has been simulating a microcomputer based system. This because of lack of systems that at present time is compatible to FARMLINK. At software development greater consideration has been taken to the common data communication solutions then to special solutions that has been found on the microcomputer based systems for farms. This report ought to be seen as the first step toward a standardized data communication link between the farm computer and different microcomputer based systems.



Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
ISBN: 91-576-2618-9
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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