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Report, 1986

Effect of planting and scarification on the water relations in planted seedlings of Scots pine

Örlander, Göran


The water relations in planted seedlings of Pinus sylvestris were measured to find out whether poor water uptake was an important factor affecting the planting result. Seedlings were planted in the field on six different occasions. The soil was prepared in four ways: (a) Scarified patch. (b) Amount of mineral soil on the scarified patch. (c) Amount of mineral soil on a section of upturned humus. (d) No scarification. Needle conductance, needle water potential and plant water conductance (Gp) were measured on the seedlings during the period after planting (14 years). It was found that the planted seedlings suffered from water stress, Gp only being 2-46% of that in established references. Water uptake was reduced for several years after planting. Planting in mounds placed on mineral soil or in scarified patches favoured a high water uptake of the seedlings. The low water uptake of the seedlings after planting may explain the poor reforestation results frequently observed.


Pinus sylvestris; water relations; needle conductance; water potential; planting; scarification

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-576-2691-X
Publisher: Faculty of Forestry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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